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This website is proudly hosted at Siteground. I have recently decided to join their affiliate program as a way to, maybe, make a few additional dollars, but also, and mainly, in high respect for the standards of their hosting services. I would not promote a service I do not strongly believe in and Siteground is the host I have been using for years with great satisfaction and without any issues.

There are a few things that distinguish it from other hosting services I have tried in the past. First, their interface is highly intuitive, easy to understand and to navigate. The information you need to know is easy to find and understand, and you will not end up paying twice because of something that has not been displayed properly. This was very frustrating when I started to make websites, as it happened on another host. For me, this is just a hobby and I believe that if you are reading this and considering to start your own website, it is likely to be just a hobby for you as well. Hosting can be confusing at first, but Siteground made it easy and as upfront as it can get.

Second, I have been thoroughly enjoying is their support services. They offer 24/7 support by chat and phone with very little to no delay. Support is offered in English, Italian and Spanish at the moment. I never tried phone, but every time I contacted them by chat, I have been extremely satisfied with the support I received. At first, I worried some of my hobbyist questions could be silly, but they always answered with respect and care.

Furthermore, when I initially registered a few years ago, I received a phone call a few days after from Siteground, to check I was happy with my plan, ask me if I had any questions, and inform me of their support services should I ever need them. It was at that time that I felt the difference with other hosting services. I do not know if they still call every new customers, but it showed that they care for each customer and their satisfaction. To offer good support is at the heart of their policies. My experiences demonstrated that many times.

Siteground themselves made a few tests to see how they compared to the competition. They compared their hosting services with 12 others and observed that, while other hosts had an average loading time per page of 4,7 seconds, they had an average of 1,7 seconds without cache and 1,3 seconds with cache, placing them second by a margin without cache usage and first with cache usage.

Without getting too technical, they take great care to ensure that the websites they host are safe. Amongst other things, they mentioned testing for vulnerabilities on WordPress and Joomla that were announced one month prior the test. They patched it in less than 48h, while the 12 others hosts they tested still had the vulnerability after one month.

For all these reasons, if you consider starting a website of your own, either a blog on WordPress or another kind of website, I strongly recommend Siteground. If you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me at I can also accompany you in your account setup if you need it.

Just make sure you click this banner or this link before you register, as this is how I will get some money after you register. If you are considering to make a website anyway, this is a nice way to support this website and myself at the same time.
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Thanks :)