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Hi everyone! Website has been updated with a whole new code. This means a few things... First: bugs! I did my best to fix as many as possible, but I certainly could not find them all. So, if you find any don't hesitate to contact me, so I can fix them.

Second: more bugs! Part of the reason of this update was that I wanted to change the way custom profiles were stored... from server-side to client-side. I am by no means a professional programmer. When I started this website, years ago, I barely knew what I was doing (and I still don't really know..) and did not expect it would be so popular, but it did and I am very pleased by it. It's always nice to know that people appreciate and enjoy your work, but its increased popularity came increased demand on the server. It required me to upgrade my hosting plans and pay more to keep the website active. I hope that by changing the code and the way custom profiles are handled, I will be able to reduce my hosting plans.

With that said, while I tried my very best to automatically transfert profile, it caused a ton of issues. I probably could fix them by investing more time, but University has become much more demanding and I have to let go... I am sorry to anyone with custom profiles, but you might have to create them once again. You can try to click here and come back, but I can't confirm it'll work.

I think this website is helpful to a ton of people and I want to keep it alive and updated for as long as possible. This is another reason for the update. I have reworked a lot of the code so it'll be easier to update in the future. As life has become more demanding over the last years, I felt finding time to update became more complicated. I hope this update will ensure faster update in the future.

To conclude, I will add career randomization in the next week and fix bugs that get reported at the same time. Again, I am sorry for anyone who have lost their profile in the update.